Relieve Vinicola

Born from the charms of Baja California, Relieve Vinicola offers transcendent flavors and exceptional experiences as they share the art of wine with families in the area. Architect and Relieve Owner, Wenceslao Martinez, and his wife, Leticia Payan, embrace the genius loci of the Baja California land and proudly represent the area through the wine that they produce. Today, Martinez and his wife enjoy their wine as their children move the company forward with passion and dedication to the craft.

Pinot Noir-Malbec



Looking for a wine that is fermented in a stainless steel tank with an amazing taste and flavor, then this wine is for you. This wine is a beautiful and pleasing peach pink, it has delicate mineral notes paired to lime and grapefruit scents. Fruity with a fresh acidity, soft ending and a sweet and floral aftertaste.

Ciclo Nebbiolo



This wine is aged 12 months in American oak and has true Nebbiolo color. The nose has red/blue fruit, brown spice, a touch of oak and a trace of rubber. The palate has sweet raspberry, cherry, blueberry and a touch of coconut. This is very light bodied for a Mexican wine with fantastic acidity – long end palate and easy drinking.

Cabernet Sauvignon



This wine will take you to the spirit of Baja. Ruby red and intensely colored, worthy of a delectable wine. Fruity and aromatic, it sends out notes of cranberries, raspberries and cassis that blend into the toast of black pepper and tobacco. Well-balanced, blandly tannic, of medium body and moderate acidity.