I admit that after 30 years visiting Mexico, I’ve still yet to learn the language. However, that has never stopped me from having a great time. When a local told me about Relieve Winery, located down a long dirt road, I was all in. I’m a sucker for dirt roads and a “hidden” location. As you pull into the front gates, the first thing you see is a beautiful water reservoir with a winery set against the hillside. Right now, you can taste the wines at their restaurant “Mixura” that’s on the other end of the lake, as they work to remodel the Winery location.  I’m always amazed at the architecture and structures being built in the Valle. There is no question in my mind that they are in this for the long haul. When you arrive, you can’t help but walk around and look at everything around you, soaking up the Baja sunshine. But I know I am there with a purpose, and that is to eat and taste some great wines. Relieve is no exception to that. The view is amazing and if you ask for help on the property you are greeted with professionals, ready to serve you and ensure that you have everything you came for. The particular day I visited Relieve I had just come from a fabulous meal down the road and really just wanted to taste wine. I sat down at their very industrial designed container restaurant with great floral arrangements. And although I was not there to eat, they sent over some complimentary appetizers that I would not soon forget. For a full set of tasting notes – visit the www.BajaUnitedwines.com web page and try something for yourself. They do not disappoint. Relieve originates from the Topographic term that involves the vertical and horizontal dimensions of land service – still doesn’t mean I can pronounce it correctly in Spanish.


Jim Riley – CEO of Adventure