When I plan a trip to head south of the border, it’s all about the adventure. I head to Baja with a surfboard strapped to the top of my car or a race truck attached to the tow hitch. I speed down Highway 1, focused on the Pacific Ocean with a yearning towards something spectacular to the East. This something is the Valle De Guadalupe, a place with the spirit of adventure and home to some of the most unique “pioneers” in the wine industry. When I arrive, I love exploring the back roads of the Valle and discovering great new places in Baja California, Mexico. In the last year, I’ve met some of the most wonderful, gracious, and intelligent people that live and work in the Valle. I have also had the opportunity to taste some of best new wines to hit the marketplace in years. When you ask around, the first place locals recommend is Vena Cava Winery. You can’t go wrong heading down the dirt road to Phil and Eileen’s place. They are both passionate and experienced wine makers, well-versed in the history of the Valle. I would suggest stopping by early in the day, giving yourself plenty of time to taste through the portfolio while Phil shares some stories with you. You can also review the full Vena Cava portfolio offered on www.bajaunitedwines.com. If you can only taste one, the Big Blend is a local favorite.


Jim Riley – CEO of Adventure