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Serenity and beauty, set amongst a rugged and adventurous landscape. It’s easy to look back now and see why our love affair with the Baja Peninsula started all those years ago. Maybe it was the excitement of leaving the familiar confines of our home. Or maybe it was the adventurous experience itself. Perhaps a little of both. All we know is that we saw firsthand what a magical place Baja is, full of breathtaking views and extraordinary people. 

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“A business with a purpose.”

It’s why we started Baja United.

Our founding principle is to create a business that can unite the vineyard treasures of Baja with consumers of the United States. We strive to promote and cultivate Baja while enriching the lives of the children in local orphanages.

This means that a percentage of the sales for every bottle of the Baja United Family of Wines is donated to help support the orphanages in Baja California. We use this money to help build, nourish, and educate the less fortunate. When you purchase a bottle of wine from the Baja United Family of Wines, you can embrace our purpose so that together we can help make a change in a child’s life, one bottle of wine at a time.


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