“A business with a purpose.”

It’s why we started Baja United.

Our founding principle is to create a business that can unite the vineyard treasures of Baja with consumers of the United States. We strive to promote and cultivate Baja while enriching the lives of the children in local orphanages.

This means that a percentage of the sales for every bottle of the Baja United Family of Wines is donated to help support the orphanages in Baja California. We use this money to help build, nourish, and educate the less fortunate. When you purchase a bottle of wine from the Baja United Family of Wines, you can embrace our purpose so that together we can help make a change in a child’s life, one bottle of wine at a time.


Did somebody say, “Drew Deckman?”
May 22, 2018

I have heard Drew’s name around the campfire when traveling with my Off Road buddies. It didn’t mean anything at the time, but clearly I wasn’t thinking clearly. My partner, Eric Morley, had been telling me for months that, just like the wine, Deckman’s was a “Must” experience in the Valle.

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My perfect day in Baja
May 10, 2018

My trips to Baja traditionally start early in the day so I can beat San Diego traffic as I blast towards the border as I crave some street tacos and a Mexican Coca Cola in a bottle. I have Motown music on the radio, thanks to Candela Bar in LA…

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Baja is Calling
March 16, 2018

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you have never been to Baja. This is a magical place that hits your soul and never leaves. I am fortunate enough to have been traveling South since 1983…

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